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The Institution Theater is all about self-expression.

And that’s what you’ll find when you come to take classes with us: a place to let yourself be free and have fun. At The Institution, you’ll re-discover what you’ve always had, creative energy and an abundance of joy. Here, we not only remind you that you CAN have fun, but that it can change your life and the world around you. Professional actor, comedian, or other creative type? This is the place for you to hone your craft and change your perspective. Are you a non-theatrical type interested in broadening your horizons? The Institution Theater will help you think outside of your box, go with the flow, and all other buzz-terms meaning that this is the place for you. Starting on day one, you’ll have more fun than you thought possible.

For Actors & Writers

Learn to think on your feet and communicate ideas with an entirely new level of passion and creativity.

For People of Business

Hone your presentation skills, build the teamwork within your staff, and pick up new brainstorming techniques.

For the Heck of it

The Institution Theater is the safe-haven where anyone can explore the silly fun inside themselves.

Our Blog – #GetCommitted

Treat Opinions Like Bears

Treat Opinions Like Bears

Written by WYATT TALL
Agreeing to a subjective reality is NOT obvious. We can easily imagine two people in a room arguing about who should be president. Improviser 2 may think: I am YES ANDING being a person in a room talking politics. So where’s the problem?? The problem is it’s not very easy to make two people fighting over an opinion into a fun compelling scene. It’s often boring because it feels like what we see all the time in our daily lives.

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