At The Institution Theater, “FINDING THE FUN” isn’t just for the stage. We apply what makes us successful performers to other aspects of our lives. Our experiential workshops bring the benefits of having fun into the workplace as a productivity tool, into the conference room as a way to enhance presentations and into your social events as a surefire icebreaker.

Our skills have been employed at companies such as…




APPLE INC. had a coming together of departments from two different hubs. They had a lot of work to get done and a short time to do it. ENTER THE INSTITUTION. We sped up the getting to know each other process in a way that was safe, fun and still being talked about.


DELL’s Event Management department needed to completely reorganize the structure by which they operated and were worried if it could be accomplished in a day without people getting defensive and shooting down ideas. ENTER THE INSTITUTION. We led them through exercises handcrafted to enhance their collaboration and give them the tools to get ideas together quicker.

Team Building

Rooster Teeth Productions experienced growth spurt after spurt, needing to bring new people into their creative process more and more quickly. ENTER THE INSTITUTION. Our workshops endowed them with the improvisational tools to break down workplace inhibitions that might otherwise stifle their collaborative process.


CEMA scheduled a national conference with three days of speakers and were concerned with keeping the energy high all the way through. ENTER THE INSTITUTION. We emceed the event with humor and intelligence and received glowing reviews from many attendees.


PEER 1 HOSTING scheduled a special day in Austin for their sales staff and wanted to further commemorate the event. ENTER THE INSTITUTION. We tailored a comedy performance for their people culminating in the improvised serenading of their CEO.

So what’s on your to-do list that we can help you with?

  • Re-inject energy into your work life, a presentation, or any corporate situation.
  • Communicate mistakes and issues with confidence.
  • Get to the root of problems quicker.
  • Maintain a feeling of connectivity throughout your team or company.
  • Find the fun in collaboration and a deeper joy in what you do.


If this sounds like a direction you would like to pursue for your business, contact Tom Booker for more information on our corporate packages.