Directing Improv: Show the Way By Getting Out of the Way
Kindle Edition

by Asaf Ronen (Author), Jill Bernard (Editor), Jonathan Pitts (Foreword)

Written by the Education Director of The Institution Theater, Asaf Ronen, this book establishes a vocabulary for improvisational direction to help directors, teachers and coaches better aid their troupes, their students and themselves. Featured inside are examples from varying schools and philosophies and interview with such respected improv luminaries as Armando Diaz, Michael Gellman, Kevin Mullaney, Mick Napier, Dan O’Connor, Shira Piven, Gary Schwartz, Todd Stashwick, and many more. Find information on:
– Giving Notes and Sidecoaching
– Working with Mixed Experience Levels
– Directing Children
– Directing a Troupe with Which You Perform