The Institution Theater
3708 Woodbury Drive




Sunday, August 20th at 6pm

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Chris Villafano’s MITCH Ceremony

Friends! We have our first person who has completed the MITCH! In honor of this accomplishment let’s throw a show together and celebrate Chris and his dedication to Austin improv, and being a cool and nice dude.

So what’s going to happen? (you might be asking)
How about some improv shows from The Matriarchy, Sugar Water Purple and a special set with Chris and 5 other people of his chosing.

But James isn’t that just a normal show, why throw the word ceremony around?
I’m glad you asked becasue after the shows one teacher from each of the theaters will speak about Chris. Then the teachers will bestow upon Chris the MITCH sash.

There’s a MITCH sash?

What happens after?
We eat cake and go out to drink at Baker Street Pub