The Institution Theater
3708 Woodbury Drive


$10 (Only $5 for Institution Students)


Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm
Aug 4 – 26

Fuck, It’s Hot!!! – An Austin-centric sketch show

The only thing that doesn’t change for Austin is how united we are in grumbling about the heat index. California may move in. Historic landmarks may get torn down. Our summers will continue to be ushered in by the clarion call of “Fuck, It’s Hot.” The Institution Theater agrees and expands on all the love/hate relationships we have with our Central Texas oasis.

We have cool sketches and cooler bottles of Topo Chico at the ready for you to bask your sweat-wearied souls. Experience the magic of the Bat Bridge Mermaid. Explore the many majestic breeds of the Austin homosexual male. Imagine a world where men had to hold funerals for their ejaculate. It’s an irreverent sketch show with equal parts love for our LGBTQ-ties and contempt towards the Dan Patricks and Greg Abbotts that would try to keep them down.

Starring Jeremy Bergeron, Tyler Bryce, Claudio Fox, Cody Herring, R. Lance Hunter, Samantha Ireland, Rocky Lane, Cari Nelson, Espi Rivadeneira, and Sarah Swofford. Directed by Claudio Fox and Cody Herring with music by Rocky Lane and tech by Mark Shoemaker. Produced by Tom Booker.