The Institution Theater
3708 Woodbury Drive


$10 (Only $5 for Institution Students)


Fridays at 10pm
Nov 3rd – Dec 15th

GOD VS. THE DEVIL – Pushing the boundaries of purgatory

What if you literally had to give the performance of a lifetime? What if your very existence hung in the balance, deciding whether you got a seat in Heaven or Hell?

GOD vs. the DEVIL is an improvised theatrical competition with the highest stakes imaginable. Conceived to break theatrical and improv conventions and boundaries, the cast of GOD vs. the DEVIL will pull out all the stops in the battle for their souls: they’ll mess with each other, throw each other under the bus, and set each other up to fail—or succeed—in the most spectacular ways. Every performance will be wildly different, as the cast picks the type of show they will play for their chance to get into improviser heaven. You might see literally anything: short form games, a heroic narrative, children’s theater, a dark musical… the possibilities are endless!

In the beginning, there was an improv show. Then the entire cast died. Luckily, the Almighty is a big fan of the arts and He’s giving one of them a chance to ascend into performer heaven, where it’s nothing but applause and good reviews twenty-four seven. However, the Devil, not to be outdone, will pit other members of the cast against the chosen one in order to send them all to improv Hell. Actors will dance on the strings of these two bickering supernatural egos, tormenting each other and breaking all the rules in an effort to earn their own salvation, or damn their fellow performers to Hell. In the end, the host of angels and demons in the audience will decide their ultimate fate.

Created in collaboration with Ryan Hartigan and Mike D’Alonzo and directed by Ryan Hill with assistant direction by Marc Majcher, the show features Ceej Allen, Rachel Austin, Rachel Creason, Justin Davis, James Fite, Rocky Lane, Heidi Lorenz, Nicole Oglesby, Ellen Pizarek, David Ronn, Mark Shoemaker, Ann Symmonds, Megan Venable, and Jason Vines.