The Institution Theater
3708 Woodbury Drive


$15 ($10 for current Institution students using the code “StudentTicket”)

Asaf Ronen

March 12th

4:00pm – 6:00pm

Kevin Miller

March 19th

4:00pm – 6:00pm

Grandmaster Class – Sample Austin’s Boldest Voices

The Institution Theater is part of a vibrant and talented improv community that is rising up. So we’re hosting crossover one-time workshops featuring the best voices from throughout Austin and beyond, looped in to teach what they are most passionate about.

March 19th


The side of the stage is one of the most powerful places to be in improv. If you watch a scene passively, it might die on the stage. But with the right entrance, line, or sound effect, you can make it truly great. Kevin Miller will teach you how to hone your instinct for an offer from the sidelines—know when to join the scene, when to stay off, and how to seamlessly become part of the show.

KEVIN MILLER has performed, coached, and taught improv in Austin, Texas for over 15 years and is Dean of the Merlin-Works Institute of Improvisation at ZACH Theatre. He has teaching experience around the US, and as far afield as Finland and Estonia. Kevin owns one dog, two cats, and 12 chickens.