The Institution Theater
3708 Woodbury Drive


$12 (Only $7 for Institution Students)


Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm
June 16 – July 8th

If you can’t stand the heat, beware of the melting pot.

Every immigrant story is different, but similar. The journey here, the confrontations, the communities that get formed, the many ways a name can get mispronounced, the homemade lunches that look different from every other kids school lunch. Every day is a story of their straddling that line between American assimilation and maintaining a cultural identity. It’s a balancing act that gets passed down from generation to generation.

IMMIGRANTS, THE MUSICAL! (PART 1) is a chance for the cast to tell their story (Hamilton-style!) through an improvised musical reaching from their varied backgrounds: Dominican Republic, India, Ireland, Nigeria, the Philippines, Vietnam. Each of them has personal experiences to pull from, guided by the audience, into a unique tapestry of what it truly means to be American, or at least try to blend in.

Directed by Asaf Ronen and Lahari Samineni. Musical Direction by Tosin Awofeso. Featuring Dori Alvarado, Kelly Campbell, Allison Day, Amar Dev, Mark Jalandoon, Heidi Rogers, Frank Sánchez, Sushant Sethi, Shannon Dale Stott, Kim Tran, and Mars Wright. Stage Direction by Sandra Ybarra. Tech Direction by Lance Hunter and Mark Shoemaker.