The Institution Theater
3708 Woodbury Drive


$10 (Only $5 for Institution Students)


Fridays at 8pm
October 6 – 27

It Came From Your BRAIN!

It Came From Your Brain! Improvised 1950s Sci-Fi/Horror It came without warning. It came from beyond imagination. It Came From Your Brain! It’s the 1950s. The Red Scare is in full effect. The U.S. Government is keeping us safe. And there’s nothing better than the smooth taste of a healthy cigarette. But that doesn’t stop the creeping feeling coming from behind you. Is it a scientific terror from Mars? Is it the monster that lurks from the depths of the swamps? Or could you be the terror that President Eisenhower has warned us about?

IT CAME FROM YOUR BRAIN! is an improvised B-movie sci-fi horror show that harkens back to the B-movie days of the 1950s. From Invasion of the Body Snatchers to The Thing to a dash of The Tingler for good measure, the show aims to create the ultimate immersive experience in square-jawed sci-fi acting. Each show will involve a brand new creepy crawly/giant/hair-raising monster that is created from a mix of random props and improvisers to challenge our heroes (and the audience) on if they can triumph over their terrific terror.

It Came From Your Brain played first season to sold out houses, found themselves the subject of a write up in The Chronicle, and spooked Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival goers this Fall.

Directed by Brittany Flurry and hosted by Heidi Lorenz. Our cast members are Marcone Cangussu, Jennifer Dorsey, Alicia Earls, Ben Howell, Heidi Penix, Ethan Stites, and David Lampe. Produced by Chelsea Dougherty.

Watch the show, watch the skies, and more importantly watch for what’s behind you!