The Institution Theater 3708 Woodbury Drive




Third Saturday of every month

LAUGH OUT PROUD – An LGBTQ Stand-Up Showcase

Laugh Out Proud is a monthly stand up showcase featuring the comedy stylings of the queer community. Watching it won’t make you queer, but you’ll get a good taste of it. Everyone included and no one is excluded.

Whether you’re straight, LGBTTQACIP and/or whatever else you want to label yourself, it’s time to enjoy the comedy stylings of these up and coming LGBTQ comics. Everyone included, no one excluded. We’re here to cheer for all the straights and queers. But mostly the queers. And maybe after, buy them beers.

This month we’re celebrating our one year anniversary spectacular Laugh Out Proud Showcase! Yay! Come celebrate and laugh with these awesome comedians: Arielle Norman, Jered McCorkle, Austin Smartt, Ky Krebs, MK Paulsen, Andrew Horneman, Kat Combs, Jaci Kramer, Adam Serwa and Rob Chenoweth! And the evening of LBGTQ hilarity will be hosted by Luke Wallens! Plus we’ll have FREE CAKE!!!

Check out the Facebook page for more info on upcoming all-star line-ups.