The Institution Theater
3708 Woodbury Drive




First Saturday of the month

SMILE MORE! An All-Female Stand-Up Showcase

Smile More! is a monthly feminist standup comedy show that’ll have the audience smiling, but not because some random dude on the street suggested it. Austin’s most unapologetically funny women break through the glass microphone to deliver big laughs. Period.

Valerie Nies hosts a curated night of comedy from a combination of veteran and beginner all-female, all-funny standup comics in this showcase that recurs the first Saturday of the month.

Grab friends, get drinks, and guffaw!

Our December Lineup:
Megan Tucei
Tanya Hollywood
Sandra Ybarra
Samantha Stepp
Our Headliner: Lea’h Sampson!

Hoseted by Jacqueline Leona

Check out the Facebook page for more info including the ever-changing all-star line-ups.