The Institution Theater 3708 Woodbury Drive

One-Night Drop-In Class
Instructor: Valerie Nies

Wednesday,  7:00pm – 10:00pm January 10

Price: $15

Full Six-Week Course
Instructor: Valerie Nies

Wednesdays,  7:00pm – 10:00pm January 17 – February 28 (no class on Valentines Day)

(Showcase on Thurs. Mar. 1st)

Price: $225

Stand-Up Drop-In Class

Not sure if that new punchline lands? Looking for feedback on your latest Tinder joke? It’s easy to get stuck in a routine with our tried and true standup material because it feels risky to tell a new joke. If you’ve been revamping your standup routine and want to test run your material in a welcoming environment, this one-night standup workshop is the perfect place to try out your new bag of wisecracks. Each participant will be able to try out a set, or part of set, ask questions and receive constructive criticism on their newest material.

This class is limited to 12 students.

Six-Week Stand-Up Comedy Class

This is the first step to really developing the writing that will fit your individual voice. There is no rubber stamped style and everyone is unique. Learn techniques to kick start the writing process and avoid many common pitfalls of stand up writing and delivery. The goal of this class is to develop a 5 to 10 minute stand up set that is polished and ready to hit the stages of Austin and beyond.

This is a six-session class with a student showcase. This class is limited to 10 students.