The Institution Theater
3708 Woodbury Drive


$5 (Free for Institution Students)


Sunday, July 23rd
6pm & 8pm

THE NEW GUARD!  Our rising stars improv showcase

Enjoy their Feats of Strength!

Come watch the up-and-coming stars of The Institution Theater raise your spirits over their heads by making up characters and stories right before your very eyes!

Revel in the Contest of Wits!

Witness the bravery as they charge into comedy armed only with their instincts and your suggestions.

Wonder at the Cavalcade of Laughs!

Laugh until your face hurts at the wonderful antics that they create upon the stage!

Directed by Asaf Ronen
Organic improv flowing in and out of scenarios.
Featuring Will Alsdorf, Sarah Batchelor, Juese Cutler, Mitchell Deane, and Jennifer Moran.HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL
Directed by Jo Chauvin.
A yearbook time machine back to one of the harder times of life, but this time making it purposefully funny.
Featuring Marci Blackwell, Matthew Dayton, Claudio Fox, Trevor Gibbs, Mariana Hanson, Peter Kachtik, Jim Kolmar, Seth Murphy, Abbie Nevins, Jessica Polk, Alec Ruiz-Guerrero, Holli Sampson, Ana Sanchez, Philip Standiford, Angela Southern, and Bianca Stein.
Directed by Tom Booker
Our students have been working on their improv tools: emotion, connection, commitment, space work, and inspiration. Their scenes will begin with silence, and grow into the discovery of the moment and the joy as the scene unfolds for them.
Featuring Rebecca Acosta, Michelle Arrieta, Shane Burt, Sebastian Cocchi, Lizzie Dovgish, Shane Fischer, Denise Hudson, Julie Kunz, Hubert Lee, Mike Odegaard, Kris Pina, and Katy Wiggins.THE MEERKAT II
Directed by Asaf Ronen
Organic improv flowing in and out of scenarios.
Featuring Aeron Aanstoos, Alberto Almendarez, Nikki Baird, Jeremy Bergeron, Matt Brondum, Samantha Ireland, Kristina Gonzales, Cari Nelson, Ashley Walton, and Ben Zweig.