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God Vs The Devil

Location/Venue: The Institution Theater 3708 Woodbury Drive Price: $10 (Only $5 for Institution Students) Showtimes: Fridays at 10pm Nov 3rd – Dec 15th Buy Tickets » GOD VS. THE DEVIL – Pushing the boundaries of purgatory What if you literally had to give the performance of a lifetime? What if your very existence hung in the balance, deciding whether you got a seat in Heaven or Hell? GOD vs. the DEVIL is an improvised theatrical competition with the highest stakes imaginable. Conceived to break theatrical and improv conventions and boundaries, the cast of GOD vs. the DEVIL will pull...

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Location/Venue: The Institution Theater Clubhouse 3800 Woodbury Drive Price: FREE!! Showtimes: Sunday, December 10, 8pm No Reservations Necessary   SCRIMMAGE – Clash of the Titans Scrimmage is a showcase of The Institution’s improv philosophies writ large by its rising stars and established talents. It’s two comedy acts looking to move the artform just a little bit further down the field. FIRST DOWN: Little Dogs of Nothing Directed by Ted Meredith, Little Dogs of Nothing will be performing an explosion of character exploration on stage. For those of you in the know, think Living Room-inspired La Ronde that empties into...

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EPIC – Improvised Fantasy Adventures!

Location/Venue: The Institution Theater 3708 Woodbury Drive Price: $13 Online/$15 At the Door Showtimes: Sunday, Oct. 15th at 6pm (Doors Open At 5:30pm) Buy Tickets » EPIC – Improvised Fantasy Adventures! EPIC is a live action fantasy adventure which features audience members as the heroes. A party of adventurers is chosen from those who volunteered before the show begins. The cast guides the adventurers through their quest, giving life to the world and everything in it. Come see the unpredictable and often hilarious results. Adventure...

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The Graduates

Location/Venue: The Institution Theater 3708 Woodbury Drive Price: FREE Showtimes: Wednesday, December 20 at 8pm No Reservations Necessary The Graduates – Free and with Cake Come celebrate the final stage before we send our 601s to improvise in the brave new world. Festivities will be led by Tom “Pomp” Booker, Asaf “Circumstance” Ronen and the instructors who helped get them there. Also, there will be cake! THE GRADUATES: Brooks Kasson Erik Lundberg Ira Freilich Jerrad Lindenmuth Marvin Okafor Matthew Flynn Vicki...

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The New Guard

Location/Venue: The Institution Theater 3708 Woodbury Drive Price: $5 (Free for Institution Students) Showtimes: Sunday at 6pm December 10th Buy Tickets » THE NEW GUARD!  Our rising stars improv showcase Enjoy their Feats of Strength! Come watch the up-and-coming stars of The Institution Theater raise your spirits over their heads by making up characters and stories right before your very eyes! Revel in the Contest of Wits! Witness the bravery as they charge into comedy armed only with their instincts and your suggestions. Wonder at the Cavalcade of Laughs! Laugh until your face hurts at the wonderful antics that...

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