The Institution Theater is regularly producing new shows and opportunities. Here are some of the upcoming projects that are auditioning:


Directed by Lahari Samineni, Asaf Ronen and Tosin Awofeso

‘Immigrants!’ is a musical HIP-HOP story that aims to tell the many aspects of the Immigrant experience: the journey, the assimilation, the struggles, etc. We’re seeking a diverse cast willing to share their stories who are at least comfortable with singing. To submit for an audition slot, fill out this form if you are with a group (you will need to include a short YouTube video of yourself singing).


Produced by Clif Highfield

Tightrope is an improv showcase that takes the Clubhouse stage every Saturday night at 8pm. Each night features three acts including a longform mix of veteran and newer improvisers performing different formats from week to week. To be considered for upcoming shows, fill out this form if you are with a group or fill out this form to submit as an individual.

Jukebox Musical Projects

Directed/Produced by Asaf Ronen

JMP launches a new original musical every few months set against a backdrop of a historical event using the songbook of a known artist: The Women of the Wild West with music from Beyoncé, The Salem Witch Trials with the music of Radiohead, the Soviet Space Race with the music of Phil Collins. Fill out the submission form and include a singing video to be considered for upcoming projects.