The Institution Theater has partnered up with their new next door neighbors, Nomadic Beerworks, to create an unbelievable offsite event for you and the rest of your team! What we are doing is a little thing that they like to call A LAUGH & A DRAFT WITH YOUR STAFF! Which is a 90 minute improv workshop at The Institution Theater filled with fun improv games designed make your team create, brainstorm and laugh together and make memories that will last a lifetime, followed by a round of beers* (or coffee) at Nomadic Beerworks, South Austin’s newest and most fabulous brew pub! And here’s the best part, the first round of drinks is on us!

We’ve asked around and everyone has said that this is the coolest team building activity ever! It is also a great way to stimulate creativity, brainstorm for projects, reward your team for a job well done, and build team spirit! Yay!

$495 for up to 12 team members
$545 for up to 16 team members
$595 for up to 20 team members

And don’t forget, the price includes your first round of beers (or coffee) at Nomadic Beerworks! And if improvising and drinking beer (or coffee) makes you hungry, you can always swagger up to Kimchi Jon’s, a food truck that serves great grub and is also located next door! And we’ve got plenty of free parking so this is your one stop shop for team building and beer (or coffee) drinking fun!

Someday we’ll have a fancy calendar and you’ll be able to book your event online. But until we watch enough How To videos on YouTube to make that happen, you’re going to have to book your event Old School style! So if you’d like to book an event or if you have any questions, just shoot off an email to¬†or call (512) 895-9580. Cool?

*Daniel, one of the owners of Nomadic Beerworks, recommends that you get 2 Half Pours so that you can taste at least two of their yummy beers in one sitting!