Button! Button! Who’s Got The Button? (And Stickers!)

The Institution Theater may be gone (Although you can still take classes online!), but the memories of The Institution Theater will live on forever! One of the ways to keep those memories flowing is to have your very own Institution Theater Memorabilia Button & Stick made up of buttons and stickers for the glorious Institution Theater past!

The Institution Theater Memorabilia Button & Sticker Set includes:

– An Institution Theater Logo Button! (1″ in diameter)
– A “I Know Tom Booker” Button! (1″ in diameter)
– A “Tom Booker Loves Me!” Sticker (3″ x 3″)
– An Institution Theater Logo Sticker (3″ x 4″)

These buttons and stickers will surely supply you with hours of amusement and a lifetime full of joy! So get yours today!

Everyone Looks Great In An

Institution Theater T-Shirt!

(It’s been scientifically proven!)

We’ve partnered with Under Pressure Screen Printing to bring you a limited edition Institution Theater T-Shirt!

These locally made, free-range, t-shirts areĀ Bella Canvas fine jersey tees and are comfortable, stylish,in and sexy! Everything you desire in a t-shirt that commemorates The Institution Theater!

These Special Edition Limited Supply Institution Theater T-shirts are only available to purchase through July 31st and are only available in black. (But that’s okay. Because black is so slimming!)

We hope that just wearing this shirt will make you think fondly of The Institution Theater and put a smile on your face!