Zoom Meeting #512-895-9580


Quarantine Dream: The Movie

World Premiere:
Saturday, June 20th
9:00 pm

Zoom Meeting #512-895-9580

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Quarantine Dream: The Movie Part 3

We’re All In This Together!

For the past few months or so, we’ve all been under some form of quarantine. And quarantine causes stress. And stress causes weird dreams. And stress under quarantine causes really weird dreams!

So Tom Booker put out an open call for anyone and everyone to submit a video tape version of their Quarantine Dreams of 30 seconds or less and told everyone that he would string them together to make a film called “Quarantine Dream: The Movie”!

What we ended up with was a very strange film that was a lot of fun to watch! So fun that we are doing it again!

So join us on Saturday, June 20th at 9 pm on Zoom (Meeting #512-895-9580 Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5128959580) and see the world premiere of “Quarantine Dream: The Movie Part 3”!

And we’d love it if you submitted your own video of 30-ish second or less and be a part of Quarantine Dream: The Movie! (Part 3)! Go to www.QuarantineDreamTheMovie.com┬áto read what few rules we have!