The Institution Theater is regularly producing new shows and opportunities. Here are some of the upcoming projects that are auditioning:


Directed by Ryan Hill, assistant directed by Marc Majcher (aka Middle-Aged Nerds)

GOD vs. the DEVIL is an improvised show that takes place in purgatory where a recently dead group of improvisers have to perform the show of their lives for the titular two supernatural bickering egos before their fate of going to Heaven or Hell is decided. Of course, space is limited, and the Devil encourages the rest of the cast to fuck it up for each other, without making it so obvious that God will figure it out. This show was conceived to motivate improvisers to fuck with each other, pimp each other out in outrageous ways, and breakdown existing boundaries in improv and theater, all while supporting each other. We don’t just want to push the edge, we want to break through it together.

The audition will be Sunday, August 27th, from 4-7pm. To get a slot:…/1pTZf790omtOiyRBEw2rgZxbs7GytHyX…/

Shows will be Fridays at 10pm from November 10th through December 15th at the Institution. Rehearsals will be Sundays from 4-6pm from 9/17 through 11/5 with a tech rehearsal from 7-10pm on Thursday 11/9, all at the Institution Theater.



Indie night is where a rag tag team of improvisors, many whom have never played together before, are thrown together under a coach to create a show that will will never be seen again. Individual improvisers can fill out a submission form here.


Calling all misfit. Looking for Shakespearean puppets, Stand-ups, dramatic readers of Yelp reviews, improvised horror story weavers, rasslers, musicians, and whatever else people can fit in their time slot. Every night will be an a la carte baguette of Austin’s most entertaining misfits and entertainers that would not fit in any other show. Performs can fill out a submission form here.