Sunday, March 27th – 4pm-5:30pm

In The Institution Theater Clubhouse

Funny women!

The Austin improv community loves you! We love your perspectives, your jokes, & your creativity.

Austin has an awesome comedy scene. But we know being a woman in comedy sometimes is isolating & not the easiest thing to do. There’s stereotypes, prejudices, & harassment.

We’re a group of theater owners, faculty members, coaches, & performers. And we want to make comedy more awesome in Austin & we want it to be a more awesome place to be a woman doing comedy.

Doing this means making the scene more inclusive. Which means listening to your experiences & developing strategies to end the prejudices & harassment you might feel.

So, we’re providing a space for you to share about your own positive & negative experiences & hear from other women as well.

So come out to this first women of AIC roundtable discussion to share & hear from other women!

The discussion will be facilitated by Erica Lies. Some men who are working to make the AIC better for women will also be present to learn from the discussion.

If you’re not able to make this roundtable, we still want to hear from you! Let us know something about your experience in the form below. This is anonymous & will go a long way in helping us understand what’s happening in the AIC & how to better advocate for & help the women in our community.